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Some injuries involve nothing more than bruises, temporary soreness, and aches and pains that go away within a few days. Other injuries have lasting consequences and may seriously impact the quality of life. This is what typically happens with a catastrophic injury, referring to injuries that usually occur suddenly and without any clear warning.

  • Oftentimes, individuals that sustain an injury of this nature are unable to perform meaningful, employable work.
  • Legally, any serious injury that occurs without warning may be classified as a catastrophic injury.
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Such injuries are often work-related, and others occur randomly during daily routines. It’s the ones that are occupation-related that may result in workers’ compensation claims. As for what makes an injury “catastrophic,” the resulting damage usually affects the central nervous system enough to cause some type of impairment or symptoms that can be debilitating and distracting. In the workplace, an injury of this nature can occur from a sudden fall that results in a spinal cord injury, a collision with equipment that causes severe head trauma, or an explosion that results in severe burns or exposure to toxic fumes or hazardous chemicals. A Commonly experienced catastrophic injury includes and may involve:

  • Brain injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputations
  • Burns covering large portions of the body
  • Loss of limbs
  • Loss of hearing or vision
  • Severe or multiple fractures


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Another characteristic of a catastrophic injury is the extent of medical care that’s often required. With physical injuries, treatment may involve surgery to stabilize the spine or minimize nerve damage, plastic surgery, skin grafts, or long-term traction. Some injury victims may need expensive procedures, or they could rely on certain medications to ease symptoms or pain as much as possible. Some catastrophic injuries are so severe that the only treatment possible is to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

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It can be challenging to determine who is responsible for a catastrophic injury. For instance, in the case of a workplace accident that resulted in an explosion, it may be necessary to investigate to determine the responsible parties. Generally, any parties present at the scene may be potentially liable parties. Such individuals may include supervisors or coworkers in the workplace. Less obvious parties, such as equipment manufacturers or inspectors, may sometimes be responsible. A lawyer with experience in serious injury claims can conduct exhaustive investigations to identify all potentially liable parties.

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In the aftermath of a catastrophic injury, victims and their families frequently experience significant financial strain. An attorney is able to evaluate the situation and make recommendations for the best course of action. If negligence is involved, a lawyer may be able to obtain compensation to alleviate the long-term burden that often accompanies severe injuries. In some states, caps on non-economic damages limit the amount of compensation that can be sought. A lawyer may be able to define damages more precisely in order to circumvent some of these limitations.

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To schedule your free and confidential case review call us at 888-597-4099 or fill out the form below.

To schedule your free and confidential case review call us at 888-597-4099 or fill out the form below.