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Repetitive strain injury (RSI) refers to a group of conditions characterized by gradual onset and worsening symptoms affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems following repetitive activities. RSIs are also known as repetitive motion injuries and cumulative trauma disorders. Repetitive motion, prolonged fixed or awkward positioning, forceful exertions, vibrations, and mechanical compression are RSI risk factors.

  • Symptoms are present in body parts used most for the activity.
  • RSIs are linked to serious conditions affecting the neck, back, shoulders, arms, and hands.
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Typically, symptoms are disregarded due to their intermittent nature. Without treatment, repetitive activity increases the frequency and severity of symptoms. The symptoms include pulsating pain, tightness, tingling, persistent aches, weakness in the extremities, numbness, and throbbing. These symptoms worsen while performing risky tasks and diminish during rest. RSI symptoms are preventable and treatable if treatment is initiated immediately after onset. The longer the condition goes untreated, the more likely it is to result in a severe musculoskeletal or nerve disorder.


Of RSI’s injuries happen in the neck or shoulder.


Of RSI’s injuries happen in the hand or wrist.

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Symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury are prevalent among laborers. Numerous occupations necessitate extended, fixed positions, repeated lifting, pushing, and pulling, and continuous typing. The alarming correlation between employment and RSIs prompted numerous state agencies to implement ergonomics programs to reduce job-related risk factors. The occupations of typist, construction worker, welder, and certified nursing assistant (CNA) are among the most hazardous.

The Most Common Types of RSI's include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • De Quervain’s syndrome
  • Ulnar tunnel syndrome
  • Trigger finger
  • Epicondylitis/Tendinitis/Tendinosis/Tennis elbow/Golfer’s elbow
  • Focal dystonia
  • Bursitis
  • Degenerative disc disease
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The initial treatment of RSIs includes using analgesics, ultrasound therapy, physical therapy, or relaxation. Untreated or delayed treatment of RSIs leads to severe conditions that require years of treatment and surgical intervention. Many workers discover RSIs after they have quit, been terminated, or retired. These injuries are eventually detected with MRIs, x-rays, nerve conduction velocity tests, and other clinical testing methods that look for stress fractures, nerve compression, thoracic outlet, lumbar disc, or other musculoskeletal problems.

If a worker suspects they have an RSI that interferes with or prevents work, they should consult a lawyer about their legal rights. Workers with a Repetitive Strain Injury may be eligible for temporary disability benefits while undergoing treatment, permanent disability benefits for less than a full recovery, and additional job displacement benefits.

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To schedule your free and confidential case review call us at 888-597-4099 or fill out the form below.